Berkeley International is a specialist in sourcing products worldwide.
We have a team of experienced people who each have good knowledge of the sectors which they handle.
Our Team  
John Eyton Suzanne Eyton
Nik Alexander Paris Pavlou
 Berkeley International homepage is an introduction to the various product sectors which we handle. Please browse the content below, and then link to the relevant product sectors. We work direct with producers, manufacturers and suppliers.
We have a very extensive PALM OIL section  
on our website.
Please use the link below

PALM - an introduction to the oil palm products.

Refined palm oil products are used for many industrial products

COOKING OIL - refined palm oil & refined palm olein

PALM OIL cooking oil exports from Malaysia

Refined palm oil products for food use.

Crude veg oils


 refined Cooking oils

We can offer products in packing which ranges from 1 litre to flexitanks holding 21 metric tons.

BOCM PAULS Blended farm feeds Meat and poultry 


link to RICE homepage

RICE is the main food for many millions of people worldwide.

In Asia, rice is produced mainly in India, Pakistan, Thailand and Vietnam.


Soy products  There are many products which are made from soybeans.

  • soybean milk drinks - popular in some Asian countries

Canola products

Grains & cereals introduction

human consumption

Wheat flour is an important product which is used
Bread, cakes and biscuits are all produced with
wheat flour.
We work with professional producers in several
The basic specifications are shown on our link.


Animal feeds

animal feed is an important product sector.  We have good knowledge of producers of all the products shown below.

other products used in animal feed production

  1. DDGS  - a byproduct of corn
  2. soybeans
  3. soybean meal
  4. palm kernel expeller PKE
  5. alfalfa


please look at our section on animal proteins. Roy is a specialist and has supplied products to many countries

Nuts are a major food product in many world markets. We work with professional producers in many countries.

The links below will take you to more detailed information about the nuts.

Almonds   Peanuts
Brazil Nuts   Pecan
Cashew    Pistachio
Hazelnut   Walnuts
Lentils and beans

We work with professional producers in Australia,  India, Mexico, Turkey, Thailand and USA

Australia beans and peas
Mexico beans and chickpeas
Turkey lentils, chickpeas and beans
USA beans


 Canned fish fruits and vegetables


We offer Eucalyptus woodchips from Australia.

Photos of the operations area are shown on the link.

  • Minimum shipment is 20,000 metric tons.  

  • CFR prices can be discussed.

We offer wood and timber for various end uses.

Douglas fir - pine -

TAPIOCA products

We work DIRECT with tapioca producers in 5 countries. The link is to good information about Tapioca, the growing and processing of tapioca and the many uses for tapioca products. This information is mainly from Thailand - all the other producer countries have similar products, processes and specifications.

There are many uses for tapioca..

  • tapioca for food and snacks
  • tapioca starch for industrial uses and processes
  • tapioca chips for biofuel

STARCH products

We work with suppliers of several different starch products.

  • potato starch
  • corn starch
  • wheat starch


There are many types of coal and over 20 countries have large production of coal. Worldwide. Shipments of coal amount to many millions of tons every year.

  • Steam coal

  • coking coal

  • anthracite

If you have requests for coal from end user, please send email to


We have DIRECT contacts with mining companies which offer the following products

Chrome ore
Copper ore
Iron ore
Manganese ore
perlite - please ask for details
zeolite - please ask for details

Calcium Carbonate

Calcium Carbonate powder

If you have a specific request, please send email to

We work with producers and exporters of 
chemicals from several countries. 
We have the specifications for all the products 
Not all manufacturers show the specifications
in exactly the same way. If the end user has
given you their preferred specifications, please
send them with your request
Lubricants and base oils


UREA urea prilled and granular
DAP   Diammonium Phosphate
MAP    Monoammonium Phosphate
NPK    Major European manufacturer
CAN Calcium Ammonium Nitrate

our specialist is Husain Shakir

Building materials Raw materials

rock phosphate



VALLA CRANES  mobile cranes from European manufacturer. Sizes from 2.5 metric tons to 90 metric tons. Our specialist Bruce Stimpson


Our specialist Nik Alexander



COPY PAPER  - Malaysia producer


other products can be sourced on request.



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