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Soy beans - an introduction

The main origins are Argentina, Brazil, Canada, India, Ukraine, Uruguay and USA

  • The countries do not show specifications in the same format.

  • Some countries produce guaranteed NON GMO soybeans and there is a premium higher price for that grade.

  • Each country does produce GMO soybeans


Brazil soybeans 

Brazil soybeans 

basic specifications

Oil content


Moisture maximum

14% maximum

Foreign  matter

2%  maximum

Damaged  beans 

8.5% maximum

damaged and burned 

1% burned  and  6 % mouldy

Broken  beans

30% maximum

Greenish beans

8% maximum

Please note there are some more details on the ANEC 41 CONTRACT

Brazil soybeans 


  • We work DIRECT with grower of NON GMO soybeans in Brazil.

  • Soybeans are sold under Brazil ANEC 41 Contract

  • Brazil also produces GMO soybeans

USA     GMO soybeans

There is production of soybeans in many parts of USA. Some are exported through East Coast, some through Gulf ports and some through Pacific North West ports.

Not all producers show their specifications in exactly the same format.

Specifications USA 






USA soybeans grade #2
Test weight 60.0 lbs. Min

Heat damaged kernels

0.5% max

Total damaged kernels

2.5% max

Foreign materials

2.0% Max


20% Max

Soybeans of other colors

2.0% Max

We work DIRECT with grower of soybeans in Iowa, USA. They are able to offer prices below CBOT
Specifications USA







Test weight lbs/bu  54 min per pound limit
Protein  35 % min
Oil content  18.5 % basis
Moisture 14 % max
Foreign matter  2.0 % max
Splits  20.0 % max
Soybean other color  2.0 % max
Heat damage kermels  0.5 % max
Damaged kermels  3.0 % max
Packing  Bulk


NON GMO SOYBEANS  USA USA produces NON GMO and there is a premium on the prices. Most NON GMO soybeans are sold on contract basis to regular buyers

 Argentina only produces GMO soybeans

Soybeans UKRAINE

Ukraine  produces both GMO and NON GMO soybeans

product soybeans
preferred specifications or grade ??
packing stuffed bulk in containers or bulk shipments
preferred origin ??
amount how many metric tons
delivery please give name of place or port
delivery date ??
target price ??
are you the end buyer ??
Soybean oil crude  

Soybean oil  please use this link to the introduction to soybean oil

soybean meal for animal feed




Other soy products can be requested

Please note that these are very niche products and not to easy to get


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