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Our contacts for cashew nuts - John Eyton and Suzanne Eyton



Cashew nuts can be consumed raw as well as processed to add taste to various cuisines. These are premium in taste and widely used in winters to provide warmth to the body.

Brazil is one of the biggest producers of cashew nuts

The scientific name is Anacardium Occidentalis , a native North Eastern Brazilian tree. The state of Ceara is home to over 50% of all native cashew trees in Brazil. 

We work with a Brazilian supplier which offers cashew nuts in many forms.

  • Raw cashew nuts
  • processed and packed

Cashew nuts supplied to the food industries pass through rigorous selection.The process is carried out in accordance with the AFI regulations ( Association of Food Industries) Goods are packed in 22.68 aluminium korvac bags or 11.34kg tins.

The international quality of Cas products is recognised worldwide. The company supplies breakbulk and retail packages to over 30 countries with excellent results. Cas  also offers private retail labelling should the customer require.

Apart from being a delicious and widely loved nut, the cashewnut is also a source of fibre, proteins and minerals ( magnesium, iron, potassium, selenium, copper and zinc) being also rich in vitamin A,D, K, PP and especially E.
Commonly known as the cashew fruit, the flesh is edible and located above the real fruit which is the nut. The cashew apple is rich in iron, vitamin C and fibres.

Cas  mixes various nuts in one product. The mix contains cashew nuts, raisins, peanuts, hazelnuts and almonds. A premium product available in 170gr glass jar

other uses from the processing of cashew nuts
The shell is obtained from the industrial shelling process and used as an alternative combustion fuel for furnaces and boilers being an ecologically viable alternative to fossil fuels.
Cashew nut shell liquid is extracted from the cashew shell and the product is used as a raw material for break lining fluids, paints and varnishes.
After processing the cashew nuts, a biproduct is produced which can be added to animal ration. Specifically for cattle and chickens Shell: this is used as fuel in a number of industries.
If you have request for cashew nuts, please use the form below.  Copy and send it to John Eyton
product cashew nuts
preferred origin ??
packing preferred packing size
amount minimum order is one container
delivery port please give name of port and country
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special note cashew nuts are available from several countries. If you prefer a one origin, please add that when you send your request


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