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There are many different countries which produce corn or maize.   Some countries use the word Corn and some use the word Maize
  • some countries produce yellow corn or yellow maize
  • Some countries produce white maize
USA is a major producer of corn/maize.
USDA grade min test weight heat damage % total damage % BCFM %
U.S. No. 1 56 0.1 3 2
U.S. No. 2 54 0.2 5 3
U.S. No. 3 52 0.5 7 4


USDA Yellow # 2 Corn



For human consumption


 8% min


14% max


1.0% max

Heat damaged kernels

0.5% max

Broken kernel

1.5% max

Total damaged kernels

2.5% max




20 PPB max

Free of

Moulding, chemicals, pests or insects

Other major producers are

  • EU28  - several EU countries produce corn for local consumption and export


Not all countries offer exactly the same specifications or show the specifications in the same format. Below is specification from one of our Argentina suppliers
Moisture 14% Max
Protein 8% Min
Foreign Matter 2% Max
Total Damaged Kernels 4% Max;
Broken Kernels 3% Max
Mould Colony 5 * 105
Color Yellow
TVN 50 Max MG/100
Aflatoxin 20 ppb Max
Radiation none
E.Coli Salmonela none


Thailand is a large producer of corn. A lot of the corn is processed into products such as corn on the cob, canned sweet corn

CORN FOR ANIMAL FEED Feed corn is the grade which is used in Animal Feed
Corn is the basis for 4 different byproducts which are used for animal feed
Feed corn is the grade which is used in Animal Feed. 
CORN byproducts  
corn gluten feed  


product Corn gluten feed
Moisture   12 % max
Protein   62 % max
Oil  4.5 % max
Starch  15 % max
Ash  4.5 % max


 Corn gluten feed is a by-product  from the manufacture of cornstarch and corn syrup. It is a medium protein feed, which contains almost the same Total Digestible Nutrients level as barley. The protein in corn gluten feed is degraded relatively rapidly in the rumen. Corn gluten feed has medium palatability and may be included in the grain mixture up to a level of 50 percent or fed to cows at a rate of up to 5.4 Kg per cow per day.
corn gluten meal  
Product Corn Gluten Meal
Protein              60% min
Fibre            2.5% max
Xanthophyll         170 - 220 ppm
Moisture            12% max
Aflatoxin            15 ppb max
Corn gluten meal is a by-product from the manufacture of corn starch and corn syrup. It is very high in protein supplement in feeds for livestock, poultry and pets. It contains slightly more TDN than corn. The protein in corn gluten is degraded relatively slowly in the rumen.  

Corn gluten meal usually is not included in mixtures at levels greater than 15 percent or fed at a rate greater than 15 percent or fed at a rate greater than 5 pounds (2 kg) per cow per day due to poor palatability above these levels.

DDGS  Dried Distillers Grains with Solubles  
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