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Our contact for Chrome ore  - John Eyton  
We offer chrome ore from Turkey.

We work with 2 mining companies. Some of the products are shown below


Product Chrome ore
Origin Turkey
Cr2O3    44%, rec under 42%
FeO      12.6
SiO2     10.10%
Al2O3    9.26%
MgO      20.55%
P        0.03%
S        0.05%
 Loading port   Iskenderun/Turkey
Product Chrome ore
Origin Turkey
Cr2O3 48.37%
Fe 13.67%
SiO2 5.85%
Al2 O3 8.53%
Mg O 16.27%
Cr/Fe    2.50 up to 3.20
 Loading port   Iskenderun/Turkey


We also offer chrome ore from Oman.

You can see a test report below

If you have a request for chrome ore, please use the format below
product chrome ore
specifications please show basic information such as 42%
detailed specifications please send them as an attachment
amount ??
delivery port ??
do you have a price target ??
is your company the end buyer ??
please copy and paste the request and send by email to John Eyton
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