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Our Team for Valla Cranes  
  • Bruce Stimpson

  • Nik Alexander

Manitex Valla of Italy are the inventor (1945) and world leader in the manufacture of “Pick & Carry Cranes”.   Manitex Valla “Pick and Carry Crane’s” are more efficient, safe, accurate, compact, and versatile than any other type of industrial crane on the market today

MANITEX VALLA cranes for use in Aerospace, Automotive, Chemical/Petrochemical, Construction, Military, Energy/Utilities, Marine, Metal Fabrication, Paper and Textiles with many references throughout the world including South East Asia.

In 1975, Valla designed the first self-propelled industrial battery crane and has continues to be a leader by advancing its clean and quiet technology.  Valla also manufacture EX (Explosion Proof) cranes for use in the Petrochemical and Military environment.


We can send you more details of each crane and also links to videos which show cranes in operation.


VALLA cranes for use in Petrochemical, Fabrication and Gas related business. Valla Cranes are also used in the aviation businesses.

Valla S.p.a. of Italy is currently the world leader in the supply of mobile “Pick & Carry” cranes.

 In the early 1960's, Valla recognized the need for a new type of crane between the fork lift and mobile cranes.  Valla designed the first self-propelled industrial battery crane and has continued to be a leader by advancing its clean and quiet technology ever since.


 Valla’s full range of mobile cranes:

·         From 2 to 90 tons

·         Electric, Diesel, Hybrid

·         Wheeled or Tracked

·         Fixed or Swing Boom

·         With Dozens of Customize and Special Applications Valla Models Used



<1T to 5T

<5t to 10T

<10T to 20T

<20T to 40T

Up to 90T


Plant Maintenance

20E – 20D TRX






Plant Maintenance







Valla Line-Up_8Cranes_FrontView.JPG

Commodities Global Group is the exclusive agent for Valla Pick & Carry cranes throughout Asia Pacific.

Bruce Stimpson is the CEO and Chairman.  

John Eyton and Alex Eyton are handling sales in Malaysia  


We will arrange for Bruce Stimpson to call you to discuss further.

Valla S.p.a. references

Aviation South East Asia

  • MRO (Airline Maintenance)

  • Hawker Pacific Singapore 50E

  • Jet Aviation Singapore 120E delivered April 2014


  • Airbus Germany

  • Airbus Beijing, China

  • MD



  • AGUSTA S.p.A





Oil Refineries & Petrochemical Plants: 

  • Shell (Holland; UK; Thailand; Singapore)

  • Petrochem (Canada)

  • BP (UK; New Zealand and Thailand)

  • BASF Shanghai - for Plant Maintenance


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