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Our Team for pistachio  
  • John Eyton and Suzanne Eyton

Pistachio has become a popular snack food product in many world markets.
there are at least 6 main origins
We have personally met our suppliers  from India and Iran and USA


Key benefits of pistachios

Pistachios are rich in potassium (helps regulate the body's fluid balance), phosphorus (helps build bones and teeth) and magnesium (important element in the conversion of the body's energy), and are also a good source of vitamin B6 (aids protein metabolism and absorption) and thiamine (enhances energy and promotes normal appetite).

These nuts also have a relatively low calorie value when compared to other nuts and are cholesterol free, high in fibre and low in saturated fat.

These nuts are also a very good source of protein.

Like most other nuts, pistachios can also cut heart disease risk. The high monounsaturated fat content may actually lower cholesterol levels in the blood.

Pistachios also contain antioxidants in the form of phytochemicals. These plant nutrients have been associated with a decreased risk for developing chronic diseases, like cancer.

How much pistachios should you eat?

Pistachio nuts have a high monounsaturated fat and protein content. Don't eat more than 30 nuts (18 g) more than four times a week. To avoid piling on those kilos, substitute other high fat foods with pistachios don't just add them on to your diet.


Calorie 623 kcal
Fat 46 gr
Saturated Fat 6 gr
Cholesterol 0 gr
Carbohydrate 27 gr
Diet Fiber 10 gr
Sugar 8 gr
Protein 21 gr
Sodium 0,6 mg





Sizes (Kernels)


Loadability/20 ' FCL
Net Weight (Kgs)

In Shell

U.S. Fancy,
U.S. No. 1,
U.S. No. 2,
U.S. No. 3

Large: 18/21


11.34 x 1040 Cartons

Standard 21/25


10.00 x 900 Cartons

Medium: 26/30


5.00 x 1440 Cartons

Small: 31 +



Small: 31 +

Super Sacks

997.90 x 10 SuperSacks

Kernels whole  


11.34 x 1040 Cartons
Kernels Halves & Pieces  


11.34 x 1040 Cartons
Kernels Small Meats     11.34 x 1040 Cartons




IRAN PISTACHIO  link to more information on pistachio from Iran
Variety Sizes (Kernels)
Round Pistachio (Fandoghi) 26-28, 28-30, 30-32
Long Pistachio (Akbari) 20-22, 22-24
Long Pistachio (Ahmad aghaee) 22-24, 24-26
Long Pistachio (Badami) 24-26, 26-28, 28-30
Jumbo Pistachio (Kale ghuchi) 18-20, 20-22, 22-24,
Natural Pistachio kernel --
Green kernel Pistachio --
Roasted and Salted Pistachio --
Roasted and Unsalted Pistachio --


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