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Our main office is In Malaysia.
We work with 6 producers of shortening. They export their products to many countries.

Shortening is suitable for Food Processing,  cooking and baking purposes. It exhibits remarkable performance in product volume thus making it very cost effective.

Shortenings Product Specifications
the normal packing is in 16 kg or 20 kg packs.
Some producers show their shortening specifications in this format
 Parameters Method Specifications
Slip Melting Point (0C) AOCS Cc 3-25 (1989) 36-390C
Iodine Value (Wijs) AOCS 1b-87 (1992) 50-55
Free Fatty Acids (%, As Palmitic) AOCS 5a-40 (1989) 0.10 pct max
Moisture & Impurities MPOGC Test Methods 0.10 pct max
Color (5.14 Lovibond Cell) BS 684 Section 1.14:1987 3 Red max
Peroxide Value (at filling) AOCS Cd 8-53 (1989) 2 meg/kg max


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