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Almonds are tasty and good for health. They are grown in many  countries.
The information in this page is from United States, where the biggest concentration of almond growers are in the west.

There’s just something about almonds. Maybe it’s how they flawlessly create new tastes and textures. Or maybe it’s how old favorites start to seem new and surprising. Perhaps it’s their uncanny ability to make any food more beautiful and enticing. Or how they bring a premium image to everything they touch from decadent desserts to elegant entrées. Whatever it may be, it’s something only almonds can achieve. And it’s something only inspiration can bring to life. 

So let almonds lead the way to your next success. Check out all the amazing categories almonds add value to, enticing recipe ideas, helpful tools, and more.


whole almonds

Whole – Natural or Blanched 
Typical Applications: 

·         Natural: versatile and suitable for all-around use

·         Blanched: works well as an attractive garnish, either as is or roasted to bring out the flavor and color


whole almonds

Slices or Flakes – Natural or Blanched 
Typical Applications:

·         Topping for salads

·         Ingredient for cereal

·         Coating for savory dishes

·         Garnishing for baked goods, desserts


Slivers or Halves – Natural or Blanched 
Typical Applications:

·         Roasted or flavored snacks

·         Ideal for stir-fries and grain dishes

·         Ingredient for baked goods, cereal

·         Texture for confectionery

·         Topping for prepared foods, salads 

chopped or diced almonds

Diced or Chopped – Natural or Blanched 


Typical Applications:

·         Topping for dairy items, baked goods

·         Work well for stuffings and coatings

·         Coating for ice cream bars

·         Filling for bakery, confectionery

·         Crust for meats, seafood

almond flour

Meal or Flour – Natural or Blanched
Typical Applications:

·         Sauce thickener

·         Perfect for making almond butter or marzipan

·         Ingredient and filling for confectionery

·         Flavor enhancer in bakery

·         Coating for fried foods 

whole almonds

Almond Milk
Typical Applications:

·         Use on your morning cereal or in coffee

·         Blend with smoothies

almond paste and butter

Paste and Butter – Natural or Blanched

Typical Applications:

·         Alternative to other spreads

·         Filling for chocolate, cereal bars, confectionery, and bakery

almond oil

Almond Oil 


Typical Applications:

·         Salad dressings

·         Non-food (e.g., cosmetics, moisturizer)

green almonds

Green Almonds 
Typical Applications:

·         Cut the almond hull along the seam with a paring knife and use the fresh, herbaceous-tasting nut’s inside as part of a composed salad, or plain with a bit of sea salt.


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