Palm Kernel Expeller (PKE)

  Typical Quality Analysis Results (may vary)
Dry Matter 88 - 95%
Raw Fibre 15 - 20%
Crude Protein 15 18%
Fat/oil 6 8%
Dirt and shell 5 8%
Ash 4 8%
Silica 1 2%
Metabolisable Energy for Ruminants approx. 11MJ/Kg
True Digestible Energy for Horses approx. 10MJ/Kg


  Palm Kernel Expeller is a by-product of the mechanical extraction of oil from the kernel of the oil palm fruitlets.

It is a natural and safe feed ingredient for rumens and horses due to its low levels of starch and sugar and is a good complementary feed to balance grain, silage and molasses. PKE is an excellent source of oil and rumen 
fermentable fibre and also serves as a good source of copper, phosphorous, zinc and manganese as well as has a favourable phosphorous/calcium ratio. Due to its oil content PKE also can be used as an energy source in fish feeds.






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