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Our contact for kangaroo meat is John Eyton

Kangaroo meat is 100% natural.

Being a free range game meat, kangaroo meat is free from growth stimulants and artificial chemicals making it an extremely safe meat to eat when processed by Game Meat Processing to comply with stringent domestic and Export standards.

Kangaroo meat is extremely high in iron and protein while being 98% fat free. It has some truly unique properties for people seeking a low fat high protein diet with a very low saturated fat and trans fat contents, which can contribute to lower cholesterol when compared to other red meat options.Kangaroo is the highest known dietary source of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) which is a fatty acid that studies have shown can contribute to the reduction of body fat

Our supplier - GMeat - is one of the largest processor of game meat in Australia with output from the facilities in excess of 10 thousand tonnes of kangaroo meat per annum.



If you have request for kangaroo meat, please show exact details in the format below and send to
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