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  • John Eyton

  • Suzanne Eyton


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There are many different types and grades of rice.

 In Asia, rice is produced mainly in India, Pakistan, Thailand and Vietnam.

We work with rice producers, processors and exporters in each country.
  • The packing ranges from small size packing to 50 kg.
  • bulk shipping is done for long grain rice.
  • the rice is usually shown with a % broken.
  • Larger packing is offered by most exporters. This is often sold to countries where it is sold through local distributors or companies which repack.
RICE small packs with own label is supplied from several countries.
Retail size packing is available for sale through supermarkets.
Rice Cambodia
Rice India
RICE Pakistan
Rice Thailand introduction
Rice Thailand
RICE Vietnam 
Rice is produced in many other countries. Each grows their own types and grades of rice.
rice Argentina
rice Australia
rice Brazil
rice Egypt 
rice Spain
rice USA
If you have request for rice, please use the form below.  Copy and send it to John Eyton
product rice type
origin preferred origin
packing preferred packing size
amount minimum order is one container
delivery port please give name of port and country
shipment basis ??
method of payment ??
Are you the end buyer ??


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