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Our contact for peanuts from Argentina  - Suzanne Eyton


We work with exporters of many products from Argentina. We met senior managers of one peanut exporter at a major Food Expo in 2016

 Our supplier is one of the most important producers, processors and shippers of Argentine peanuts. The processing plant is located in Cordoba Province.

Raw Peanuts

The important farming capacity of the company enables it to guarantee its peanuts. The producer controls all the process from the seed farming to the finished product. They receive, clean, dry and store the inshells from the fields. Recently built, opened in June 2010, the new processing plant is one of the most modern plants that are currently in operation in Argentina.  

The plant has a daily capacity of 350 tonnes of peanuts (HPS), producing high quality product and virtually free of foreign materials and meeting the highest quality demands of the international market. The facilities include a storage capacity of more than 75.000 tonnes of peanuts and an extensive conditioning and drying plant.

The first step in the production chain is the Agricultural Department, formed by agronomists with great experience in farming peanuts in association with top level producers.

The farming is produced mainly in the South of Cordoba. In recent years, our supplier has focussed in the improvement of its farming operation, implementing the seed elaboration process in an independent plant, in order to segregate and process pure seed.

As a result, the aim is to have pure seed and 100% high oleic peanuts in their own plantings, obtaining better agronomic performance in quality and quantity.

When the process is finished, the peanuts are stored in cold warehouses to keep its quality unchanged. The complete process is done under strict quality and safety measures, implemented under the HACCP system. This processing plant has the British Retail Consortium (BRC) Certification.

To conclude, the product is shipped to our own shipping terminal or to our blanching facilities, located both in Florencio Varela, Province of Buenos Aires, near the Port of Buenos Aires.

Our supplier is one of the most important producers, processors and shippers of Argentine peanuts. The processing plant is located in Cordoba Province.

Blanched Peanuts


Our supplier is one of the leading exporters and pioneers of Argentine blanched peanuts. This product has been increasing its export volume in recent years, meeting the most demanding quality requirements of international markets. 
 The plant is located in Florencio Varela, Province of Buenos Aires,.  performs the process of blanching peanuts. A continuous improvement in the 3 production lines gives an important processing capacity of 250 tonnes per day of blanched peanuts. Continuing with the demands of international markets regarding quality assurance, this plant also has the Certification British Retail Consortium (BRC).   Situated close to the new cargo terminal,  the plant assures a precise quality and control of finished product. This makes our supplier one of the most important exporters of Argentine blanched peanuts to many countries worldwide..

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