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Our Team for nuts  
  • John Eyton

  • Suzanne Eyton


Nuts are a major food product in many world markets

Please use the hyperlinks below to see information on specifications and packing


Our supplier contacts


USA and others

Brazil Nuts                


Cashews nuts          

  • India who we have met personally,

  • Brazil,

  • Vietnam who we have met personally

Macadamia Nuts      

South Africa & Australia - who we have met personally


we have good suppliers in Turkey who we have met personally

Pecans we have good suppliers in USA

Soy Nuts                 

imported as soy beans... then roasted.. to become soy nuts


Argentina, Canada. India & USA


Thailand , Malaysia , Sri Lanka & Philippines..   a lot bigger than all the other nuts.. we have met all suppliers personally


Iran, Turkey & USA - who we have met personally


Turkey - who we have met personally & USA


If you have a request for nuts, please use the format below.

Please send the completed form by email to


total amount ??
preferred packing ??
delivery port or place ??
product ??
amount per month ??
what is the preferred origin ??
Do you have a 'target price' ??
Is your company the end buyer or user ??
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