Our suppliers in Spain

There are two refineries in Spain, one in Barcelona, with a capacity of more than 700,000 t/year.

The smaller refinery, in southern Spain, has a capacity of 250,000 t/year.

Both refineries process all types of liquid oils and use the latest technology and automation, thereby improving their market competitiveness.

The plants carry out neutralization, decolouration, hydrogenation, deodorization, interesterification, refining and fractionation of all types of oils and vegetable fats.


  The refineries import 12 thousand metric tons of palm oil every month.  
  refined palm oil products to France and countries in Mediterranean region  
  refined corn oil  
  refined rapeseed oil  
  refined sunflower oil - standard grade  
  refined sunflower oil - high oleic  
  Products are supplied to Spanish and other European food companies and processors  
  • baby Food
  • bakery
  • biscuits
  • chocolates
  • dairy foods
  • Frying oils and oils for bottling
  • ice cream
  • margarines
  • snacks



  Our R&D department is constantly looking to develop new products, in order to adjust ourselves to the changes and needs of our customers and also the changes in the habits of the consumers, offering them our commitment and professionalism we are known for  




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