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Our Team for hazelnuts  
  • John Eyton and Suzanne Eyton

Hazelnuts are a major food product in many world markets.
We have personally met our suppliers from Turkey.

Turkish Hazelnut size standards

Hazelnuts are offered in several ways. Some suppliers offer a variety of roasted hazelnuts in large packing or in small retail packing
  • hazelnuts natural in shell
  • hazelnuts roasted
  • hazelnuts blanched


产品名称:Natural Hazelnut Kernel  Natural Hazelnut Kernel
产品名称:Roasted Hazelnut kernel Roasted Hazelnut kernel
产品名称:Blanched Hazelnut Kernel  Blanched Hazelnut Kernel
产品名称:Diced Hazelnut Kernel Diced Hazelnut Kernel
产品名称:Sliced Hazelnut Kernel Sliced Hazelnut Kernel
产品名称:Hazelnut Paste Hazelnut Paste
for more information on the different uses for hazelnuts - please link to  Hazelnut Introduction
if you wish to request hazelnuts, please use the format below
product hazelnuts    which type??
what amount is requested ??
what size packing ??
what will be the delivery place or port ??
is your company the end buyer ??
please copy the information and send your request to
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